Unfortunately, we will not be shooting holes in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You do not need to make an appointment with us for hole shooting! You can always visit our store during opening hours. You can come by whenever it suits you.

We shoot holes in babies from 3 months old and of course also in adults. We only shoot holes in the earlobe and not in the cartilage of the ear. This means that you can also come to us for your second or third hole.

Children under the age of 16 always require parental consent. We are not legally allowed to shoot holes without this permission.

Shooting holes is certainly an exciting experience for you and/or your child. We believe that it should above all be a fun experience. That's why we take our time and explain everything to you.

Here we briefly explain what will happen.

The earrings

You can choose from different earrings. The earrings used for shooting are made of surgical steel and are sterile packed.

Shooting system

We work with the Studex System. This system is sterile and works on manual force, making shooting less painful. The hole always ends up in the right place and heals faster because less damage is caused to the tissue.


Shooting 2 holes costs from € 13, which includes the earrings

Shoot holes

Once the choice of earrings has been made, we then place dots on the ears so that you can see in advance where the earrings will go. After carefully examining the position of the dots on the earlobe with you, we will shoot the holes.


After shooting, the earrings must be worn day and night for six weeks. It is important to drip the ears twice a day with Sterilon and move the earrings back and forth with clean hands. You can change the earrings after 6 weeks.

If you have had your earrings with us, you will always receive a 10% discount on the entire earrings collection upon presentation of your receipt.