Sky juwelier is a family business, where the gold / goldsmith and jewelry craft has been passed on from generation to generation. This goes back many generations, and can therefore really be called a family tradition. All this knowledge and expertise has brought Sky juwelier to where we are today. We are proud of that. We combine our history and identity with the trends of today. Sky juwelier has a wide collection of contemporary jewelry, where exclusivity is central. We can offer that exclusivity because we design our jewelry ourselves. We want to surprise and distinguish, but at a fair price.

At Sky Juwelier, sustainability is one of the core values. Our beautiful planet, the earth, is vulnerable as never before. It needs our love and care to be passed on to the next generations. Sky Juwelier therefore does everything it can to spare the environment and the earth. It is in our DNA to treat the gifts of Mother Nature with care. Thanks to the production of jewelery from recycled precious metals and the use of eco-friendly packaging materials, our products are 100% sustainable. From cradle to cradle, in a sustainable jacket.

Lab-created gems.
In the collection of Sky Juwelier you will find lab-made gemstones. Thanks to this production process, your gemstone has the same quality and characteristics as a natural gemstone, but created in a sustainable way. Natural gemstones are often used. slave labor, mainly performed by children, won. With the proceeds of these gems, wars are financed, in which many people are injured and killed. This is where the term ''blood diamonds'' originated. Sky Jeweler distances itself from any form of violence and exploitation by humans.

Price quality.
Sky Juwelier designs its jewelry itself, and has production in its own hands. This allows us to offer the same or better quality, but cheaper than other jewelers. A fair price for a fair product. Before a piece of jewelry is added to our collection, the piece of jewelry is critically checked by our experts. This is how we offer the best quality, and we prevent disappointments.