Sky Juwelier has recently added the most beautiful earrings and rings with Birthstones to its collection. In this blog we will tell you everything about birthstones and their special effect.

What is a Birthstone?
Simply put, birthstones are gemstones that represent a person's birth month. Each month has a unique gemstone (sometimes more than one) associated with it. The gemstone usually has a special meaning for those born in that month. They have had special meaning since ancient times and provide benefits to the wearer. Each birthstone has a distinct beauty that creates a captivating appearance on a piece of jewelry. This is actually how they are most commonly worn.
Birthstones are not only worn during the specific month they are associated with. Instead, you can enjoy their beauty all year round. Often these gemstones are placed on their own
birthday gift given to someone. This is not only because of their beauty, but also because of the meaning behind them.
Throughout their history, birthstones have been associated with folklore. They describe various symbolic powers and qualities, just like constellations. The belief is that by wearing your birthstone, you connect with the qualities it represents. Nowadays
Many do not believe the mythical healing powers of birthstones, but their symbolic meaning is still appreciated. More commonly, birthstones are considered a sign of good luck for those born in the month.

What is my Birthstone?
As mentioned, each birth month has its own birthstone.

💎 January: Grenade
💎 February: Amethyst
💎 March: Aquamarine
💎 April: Diamond
💎 May: Emerald
💎 June: Pearl or alexandrite
💎 July: Ruby
💎 August: Peridot
💎 September: Sapphire
💎 October: Opal or tourmaline
💎 November: Topaz or citrine
💎 December: Blue topaz, blue zircon or turquoise
💎 Birthstones and their effect.

Traditionally, birthstones have a reputation for improving the health and well-being of people born in their respective months. The colors of the birthstone contribute to the symbolic qualities of the gemstones. Find your birth month below and discover more about it
gemstones and their meanings and unique properties.

According to legends, the grenade offers protection against nightmares and gives its wearers nighttime guidance for those born in January. The red color of the gemstone symbolizes faith, love and courage. Wearing garnet can reportedly protect children from nightmares and it
promote overall self-esteem. Garnet protects the heart and lungs and increases energy levels.

The amethyst gemstone represents royalty, passion and hope. This gem supposedly calms the mind and gives focus to anyone with February birthdays. Amethyst theoretically protects its wearers against drunkenness, arthritis and disease. Amethyst guards the mind and frees the wearer from passion. Amethyst has the power to overcome difficulties and strengthen love relationships.

In ancient times, people believed that aquamarine, the traditional birthstone of March, protected seafarers by helping them clearly remember their loved ones when they were far away at sea. Wearing aquamarine promotes creativity, hope, self-expression and courage. Wear this gemstone to encourage love, youth, good health and overall happiness. Aquamarine traditionally helps pregnant women and protects both the mother and child from harm.

Diamonds have been the traditional symbol of love since ancient Greece and the sparkling birthstone for April-born babies. This gemstone is the symbol of eternal love and courage. This gem protects its wearers from madness. People believe that diamonds increase energy, both positively
as negative. They also treat dizziness and can detoxify the body and heal allergies.

Some believe that by wearing the vibrant emerald gemstone, the symbol of May birthdays, you can cure specific ailments and see into the future. This birthstone promotes health, fidelity, fertility and wealth. Emeralds are also said to have magical properties that prevent illness. This gemstone detoxifies the liver and improves overall health and well-being, especially to heal sinusitis and eye disorders.

Celebrate June birthdays with pearls, which supposedly symbolize modesty and purity. Pearls protect against nervous and anxious thoughts and control anger. Medically, pearls can treat digestive disorders, increase fertility and ease the pain of childbirth.
Alexandrite also correlates with June. It stands next to ruby, one of the world's most sought-after gemstones. This gemstone treats disorders of the nervous system, as well as pancreatic and spleen disorders.

The vibrant ruby ​​gemstone symbolizes July birthdays. The gemstones are supposed to protect against bad luck and enable the wearer to live in harmony with others. Rubies are red, which symbolizes strength and courage. They can support the wearer's emotional health. Rubies encourage the removal of negative energies from your path and can treat exhaustion and lethargy.

Historically, Peridot brings courage, wealth, wisdom and purity to wearers with an August birthday. The light green gemstone relieves stress and calms anger, and also protects the wearer from evil, negativity and black magic. Peridot strengthens the immune system and improves skin quality.

Popular imagination portrays the majestic sapphire gemstone as a symbol of truth and protection for those born in September. The blue sapphire gemstone brings success to anyone who wears it. Sapphires reduce pain and show purity, wisdom, faith, loyalty and serenity in the wearer. Sapphires are also reputed to treat blood disorders and excessive bleeding.

Ancient legends say that the opal gemstone will soothe sadness and envy for those with birthdays in October. The tourmaline gemstone also represents the birth month of October with its resistance to breaking and scratching. Both opal and tourmaline gemstones possess healing and restorative properties and are symbols of hope, innocence and creativity. Opals strengthen the wearer's memory and increase the will to live. Tourmaline can relieve stress and increase mental alertness.

Citrine has traditionally been reputed to ward off evil thoughts and poisonous snakes. Today, the cheerful citrine, representative of November birthdays, brings success and prosperity to its wearers. Citrine enhances the intellect and removes negativity from the wearer. Topaz also complements the month
November with its shades of brown, orange and yellow. Both topaz and citrine promote the health and well-being of the body and mind. They also protect their wearers from negative influences.

Zircon gives the wearer wisdom, honor and wealth for those born in December. Turquoise also associates with December, bringing good luck and prosperity to the wearer. Turquoise used to be an indicator of the wearer's ill health or danger due to the gemstone's ability to change color. Blue Topaz brings good health and prevents headaches.
All birthstones for December have healing properties.

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