It's another new year, a new month, so time to highlight another birthstone. Time to highlight January's birthstone, the garnet. A beautiful stone with its unique effect and many colors.

Traditionally, the January birthstone Garnet is believed to bring good luck and mental clarity to those who wore it. But today, birthstones are often given as gifts, used for fashion pieces and even for engagement rings or other jewelry! Although there are today
more and more people believe in the symbolism and effect of birthstones. Gemstones come in all different colors. While some are more popular than others, many can function as one
excellent alternative to diamonds or as an accent stone to white diamonds for your engagement ring. Additionally, garnet jewelry can be a fantastic gift for anyone with a January birthday. Garnet jewelry makes great gifts because garnet is a versatile gemstone. Although garnet is a January birthstone, the deep red color will complement those with cooler, white skin, while the orange or yellow tones garnets may work better for those with warmer tones in their skin. Because the color of January's birthstone can vary quite a bit, there are many beautiful stones to choose from. However, they are usually red, so some more exotic variations may be rarer.

Grenade History

Garnets were discovered in the Bronze Age and have been cherished for over 5,000 years! In fact, 'Garnet', which is granatus in Latin, means 'pomegranate', which describes the color perfectly. Garnets have been used in jewelry such as necklaces and rings since the Bronze Age of ancient Egypt.

In the Middle Ages, deep red garnet jewelry was the favorite for nobles and clergy. This blood-red gemstone was also popular in the Victorian era.

According to ancient Indian astrology, the January birthstone is believed to eliminate negative feelings, instead instilling self-confidence and promoting clarity of mind and creative thinking. It is also thought to be a gemstone that will protect you while traveling. Whatever symbolism you choose to believe, one thing is certain; Garnet is a beautiful stone! Garnets are found in various regions around the world, but Africa provides a large portion of the world's supply. With current technology, garnet stones are also lab-made. A sustainable alternative
So. The lab-made garnet stone is indistinguishable from the natural garnet stone in terms of quality and appearance.

Appearance of a grenade

A garnet is best known for its deep red color, but garnets also come in different colors, making them unique! Orange, purple, black, green and blue (although extremely rare) are all common colors for this gemstone. From the purple garnet with its royal plum color to the Demantoid garnet with its vibrant green color, there is no doubt that garnets are beautiful. Some garnets even come in color-changing varieties, where the stone will reveal different colors depending on the light. While it looks gray, the stone turns a purple hue when viewed under a different light! If your birthstone is garnet but you're not a fan of the red color, chances are there's another garnet with a color you'll love!

Why choose garnet jewelry?

Garnet jewelry is beautiful all year round. This versatile gem is as prized today as it was in ancient times. These beautiful gemstones come in different colors, from orange and yellow to green and deep red. Garnets have one of the broadest colors available of any gemstone. They look fantastic next to diamonds and pearls. Although they are not as hard as diamonds, so be careful with daily use. Remember that even if you weren't born in January, you are still beautiful
garnet birthstone. Even then the forces that this stone carries will be active. Never try never know! The colors also return here.

Shop a beautiful garnet jewelry

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