The Extension Ring.
Anyone who follows the latest fashion trends cannot ignore it: the extension ring. Is this just a trend or is this here to stay?

What most may not know is that the extension ring has been around for centuries. The slide-on ring has its origins at the end of the 19th century, when engagement rings were worn together with wedding rings on the same finger. In this blog we explain exactly what a slide-on ring is and how this trend came about.

What is an extension ring?
As the name suggests, a slide-on ring is specially made to wear as an extra ring on a finger. The add-on ring is available in many types, the most
common ones are yellow gold, silver, white gold, but rose gold is also used for this.

Nowadays we see many photos of hands with extension rings. ''More is more'' seems to be the motto. What you may not know is that these rings have been around for centuries. Paintings from the 16th century show royalty wearing one ring on each finger. The first time we see the joining ring is at the end of the 19th century, when engagement rings were worn together with wedding rings. In this blog we take you further into the history of the extension ring.

The history of the extension ring.
The extension ring is inspired by the gimmel ring. This is a ring of three
notches that fit together to form one ring. The gimmel ring becomes
first seen around the 17th century. At the time, they were intended as wedding rings, with both the bride and groom wearing the ring during the engagement period. When the vow is given, the bride receives the ring from the groom and she will wear the rings for the rest of her life.

In the 20th century, slide-on rings were mainly worn as a wedding ring in combination with engagement rings. At that time, engagement rings were made of a small gold band with a diamond in a high chat setting. Includes the wedding ring
on the other hand, a simple gold band, making the rings easy to combine. Later, wearing add-on rings becomes more creative and rings in the Eternity Style are created. This style is characterized by diamonds set over the entire ring.

The popularity and trends in extension rings.
The extension ring is popular because the combinations are endless. The trend started in the 1990s when small rings were made with designs of flowers and hearts and nowadays small gemstones are also used. These rings are so thin that they become more affordable and can easily be worn on one finger. Sky Juwelier has various add-on rings in its VerOna collection with which the most beautiful combination can be created. Take a look at our VerOna collection and be inspired. Slideringen?sort_by=best-selling