Black Callisto


The Black Callisto bead bracelet features mesmerizing natural volcanic stones. The beads have a custom feather pattern that accentuate the natural stones. It has a contrasting mechanical and natural look.


  • Colour: Gold/Silver
  • Material: Genuine 14k gold plated
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Nickel, cadmium and lead free
  • 8.5mm genuine triple AAA natural volcanic beads
  • 3mm x 8mm golden plated bead
  • 12mm x 8mm gold-plated centre bead
  • Easy comfort system that makes the bracelet sit comfortably throughout the day
  • Easy Fit-Closing system, with a magnet and and an extra lock for safety
  • Premium three-layer plating: Palladium plating against oxidation. Genuine 14k gold plating against tarnish, and that gives the jewelry a reflective appearance. E-coating for extra durability, prevents scratching, which will keep your bracelet looking spotless
  • High grade quality metal thread, which is a superior material over elastic, which prevents breakage or stretching of the thread over time, and gives the bracelet a luxury appearance.
  • 12 months warranty
  • Arrives in a luxurious box made from recycled materials


    The name of this bracelet was inspired by Callisto which is the second-largest moon of Jupiter. The surface of Callisto is the oldest and most heavily cratered in the Solar System. Its surface is completely covered with impact craters. The volcanic stone was the ideal stone to create this mesmerizing piece of jewelry.