Women's Bracelet Flowers 14K Gold BeMy

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Product description

a beautiful piece of jewelry that embodies beauty and elegance. This bracelet is not only a subtle symbol of luxury, but also a timeless accessory that elevates any occasion.

What makes this bracelet truly unique are the beautiful floral details. Three luscious flowers are placed side by side, creating an enchanting row that subtly hugs the wrist. Each flower is designed with craftsmanship, with an eye for detail and precision. The flowers radiate a timeless charm and add a touch of natural beauty to the design.

Furthermore, this bracelet is adjustable, giving it the perfect fit for every wrist. Whether you go for a loose, relaxed look or a more fitted style, this bracelet effortlessly adapts to your personal preference.

On each side of the floral display you will find another single flower, which balances the design and adds a symmetrical feel. This subtle addition increases the aesthetics of the bracelet and makes it a true eye-catcher.

This bracelet is made of entirely 14 carat gold and polished for a lasting shine, and comes in a luxurious jewelry packaging.

BeMy gold jewelry is designed with a lot of passion and love.
Only high quality and the best materials have been selected for this collection. The collection is feminine and has a contemporary style.
Each design has its own feminine lines and shapes that make the piece of jewelry unique.
The subtle and classic designs can easily be combined from timeless, classic, trendy and festive.

Metal 14 carat gold
Brand BeMy Jewels
Product type Bracelet
Color bracelet Yellow gold