Women's Paper Clip Bracelet 14K Gold BeMy

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Product description

This gold paperclip bracelet for women is a beautiful piece of jewelry made of high-quality 14k yellow gold. The design of the bracelet consists of several paperclip links that are connected to each other, creating a unique and modern look.

The links are securely and carefully attached to each other to ensure that the bracelet fits comfortably on the wrist and stays in place. The bracelet has a length of 19 centimeters and can easily be adjusted to the size of the wrist.

This bracelet is made of 14 carat gold, with an e-coating layer that provides extra protection and long-lasting shine. And comes in a luxurious jewelry packaging.

BeMy gold jewelry is designed with a lot of passion and love.
Only high quality and the best materials have been selected for this collection. The collection is feminine and has a contemporary style.
Each design has its own feminine lines and shapes that make the piece of jewelry unique.
The subtle and classic designs can easily be combined from timeless, classic, trendy and festive.

Metal Entirely 14 carat gold
Brand BeMy Jewels
Product type Bracelet
Colour Gold colored
Length 19 cm