VerOna 14K Rosé Santorini Ring

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Product description

14k rose gold oval-shaped ring with a natural blue topaz stone, an enchanting design that you won't be able to take your eyes off. Made with just the right size and shape to give you that charming and sparkling look. The elegant solid ring band makes the stone the center of attention and fits perfectly with the shape of the stone.

This oval solitaire ring is handmade with natural topaz Swarovski stone.
The stones are precision cut from premium raw materials. Swarovski guarantees only the best quality with their natural topaz stones.
The stones are fresh, bright and with exceptional color consistency, topaz has never been so bright.
The ring is made entirely of 14 carat rose gold (585). And comes in a luxurious jewelry packaging, with a special cleaning cloth to keep your jewelry looking spotless.

VerOna Birthstone Collection, is inspired by the idea of ​​birth month stones, each gemstone has a special meaning associated with the different birth months.

TOPAZE GEMSTONE (Decemeber Birthstone)
Blue Topaz is the birthstone for those born in the month of December. The stone is believed to provide healing and protection to anyone who possesses it. It is said to represent love and loyalty, making it the perfect romantic gift and also a great gift for a good friend. The color blue resembles that of a crisp and cold December sky. Moreover, Topaz consists of silicate, one of the hardest materials, making it a perfect stone for jewelry.

Metal 14k rose gold(585)
Brand VerOna
Product type Ring
Type of stone Natural Topaz Swarovski
Color stone Blue
Cutting stone Oval Star Cut
Color Ring
Rose colored
Stone size 7x5
Height of stone setting
Band Width 1.7mm