VerOna Morganite Ear Studs

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Product description

These sparkling halo earrings are set with breathtaking soft pink morganite stones, which are framed with bright accentuated small stones. A personal gift and a beautiful earring to wear every day.

This handmade earring, forged to a custom design, is crafted with crystal clear precision and care to ensure the highest quality. The center stone is a lab created morganite stone, and the small accent stones are imitation diamonds that have been carefully selected for their high quality.
To ensure everlasting beauty, each stone is locked in place with individual feet, this method of setting ensures that the stone is held securely in place and it is almost impossible to lose the stone. The ear studs are made of silver (925) and are available in silver, 18K yellow gold or rose gold plated.
The ear jewelry is delivered in a luxurious jewelry packaging, with a special cleaning cloth to keep your jewelry looking spotless.

VerOna Birthstone Collection, is inspired by the idea of ​​birth month stones, each gemstone has a special meaning associated with the different birth months.


Morganite attracts love and it shows its wearer how beautiful life is and how to enjoy it. The stone works quietly at its own pace but is very powerful. Morganite carries the symbol of unconditional love and has a strong connection to the heart chakra, which it cleanses and activates.

Metal 925 silver rhodium plated, 18k yellow gold or rose gold plated
Brand VerOna
Product type Stud earrings
Type of stone Lab made Morganite with small imitation diamonds
Color stone Soft pink
Cutting stone Brilliantly cut
Color stud earrings Gold-colored/silver-colored/pink-colored
Stone size 5mm center stone, 1mm small stones
Stud earrings size 7.5mm
Depth stud earrings 4.5mm